Posted: July 18, 2022 in: Uncategorized

TD Ameritrade Network: How To Utilize The Ziegler FAMCO Hedged Equity Fund

The Ziegler FAMCO Hedged Equity Fund provides exposure to growth potential of the equity market. On the TD Ameritrade Network, CEO Wiley Angell discussed using hedging strategies in today’s markets. He examined the Ziegler FAMCO Hedged Equity Fund, as well as the S&P 500 price changes. He then went over what a cost-neutral hedging strategy means. The fund “is designed to create stable returns and, certainly in the volatile markets we have had this year, it has done exactly what we wanted it to do,” said Angell. “Hedged strategies allow investors to stay invested in the equity markets when they might be a little skittish or can’t sleep at night. The strategy is designed to allow people to stay the course.” View.

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