Research/Thought Leadership: Generate brand visibility via newsworthy insights

The Hubbell Group uses thought leadership to help clients engage the media, customers, regulators and other stakeholders by showcasing their expertise, skills and industry knowledge.

We use several strategies as part of a comprehensive approach to thought leadership:

  • We design and develop surveys and studies that help position our clients as leaders in their fields.
  • We help clients identify emerging trends, opportunities and threats and use thought leadership initiatives to inform key audiences through media, conferences and hearings/testimony.
  • We draft and place bylined articles and commentary, often based on surveys, studies, whitepapers and other research, in top-tier business and trade media.

Among other initiatives, we:

  • Helped develop and provide media support for one of the industry’s most respected and in-depth studies of high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals, sponsored by a leading private bank.
  • Publicized the thought leadership of one of the world’s largest and most respected professional services organizations, making them one of the most cited sources in national media on the evolving healthcare industry.
  • Assisted a leading global asset manager with several series of studies and surveys including an annual global retirement index that measures the overall state of retirement security in 43 developed nations, an annual survey of 500 institutional investors from around the world, an annual survey of individual investors in 23 countries and regions and a survey focused on defined contribution plans.
  • Helped one of the nation’s largest banks with media relations to support a survey of attitudes toward alternative investments that evaluated the views of wealthy Americans about hedge funds and similar vehicles.
  • Managed a global survey for a leading consultancy on the state of enterprise risk management (ERM) in the insurance industry; it caused stakeholders to question the effectiveness of ERM to deliver return on investment.
  • Conducted a two-year survey of Americans’ views and attitudes on healthcare issues.



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