Crisis Prevention &Management

Founded by Constance Hubbell in 1995, The Hubbell Group helps organizations anticipate and proactively prepare for crises. As part of this preparation, we provide strategic counsel, messaging and outreach designed to avoid or contain crises. During the past two decades, clients and professional organizations such as law firms have turned to us to help themselves or their own clients through events including regulatory allegations, environmental violations, lawsuits, financial irregularities and accusations of discrimination.

The Hubbell Group has been a “go to” source for guidance for global companies and government entities looking to protect their reputations before, during, and after a host of crisis situations including:

  • Accidental deaths

  • Cyber attacks

  • Discrimination

  • Drug and substance abuse at the workplace

  • Employee arrests

  • Environmental contamination

  • Financial irregularities

  • Fraud

  • Labor union issues

  • Lawsuits

  • Market-timing

  • Money-laundering

  • “Pay to play” allegations

  • Product recalls

  • Regulatory sanctions

  • Safety violations

  • Sexual assault allegations

Select experience in crisis communications includes:

  • Represented global corporations during labor union pre- and post-negotiation periods.
  • Assisted a global professional services firm with its response and communications following the death of its employees on September 11, 2001.
  • Served as emergency public relations counsel to educational institutions on a range of issues including criminal charges and sexual assault accusations.
  • Managed the community outreach and public participation activities for more than 25 environmental clean-up projects throughout the United States.
  • Directed the emergency communications for a host of energy concerns during natural disaster emergencies and other situations such as blackouts.
  • Worked with major mutual fund companies in the settlement of charges by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and state attorneys general, developing communication materials for employees, shareholders, regulators and the media.
  • Represented one of the largest financial institutions in North America when one of its business units came under investigation by the SEC and the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Assisted the board of trustees of a global financial services firm with communications and strategy around the removal of a key executive following allegations of misconduct.
  • Handled reactive outreach for a leading financial services firm in response to sexual harassment charges.
  • Led a major financial services firm’s response to allegations of fraud.
  • Provided crisis communications regarding sub-prime mortgage lending for several financial institutions.
  • Implemented crisis communications programs for some of the nation’s largest mutual fund companies and investment banks when they had been targeted by the SEC and other regulatory entities; represented the independent trustees of mutual funds in such matters.
  • Served as primary communications counsel for one of the world’s largest banking organizations in the sale of one of its U.S. brokerage operation; represented this NYSE-listed company in crises after this transaction.
  • Assisted financial services clients with communications outreach in the wake of the financial crisis of September 2008, including developing strategic messaging and preparing executive responses.


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