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Creating awareness.
Managing an issue.
Raising your profile.
Building thought leadership.
Protecting and promoting your brand.
Achieve your objectives with a team of best-practice media experts.
That takes leadership in our discipline. That takes a really savvy team.

Our team includes astute former journalists with experience at the top trade magazines, business journals, newspapers and broadcast outlets and online sites. Media specialists with public, private and government experience. Marketing research experts who know how to build news-making research. Professionals representing several client-service models, including years of large PR agency experience. Our team even includes a securities attorney with deep communications expertise.

That’s The Hubbell Group.

We’re ready to partner with you.

Our Team

Constance N. Hubbell

Founder and President

Lisa C. Stearns

Executive Vice President

Loretta A. Healy, Esq.

Senior Vice President, Corporate Counsel

Erin Daigle

Senior Director

Matt Slauson

Senior Account Executive

We’re ready to partner with you.

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