Nicholas Parmelee

Vice President, Managing Director

When it comes to creating successful PR campaigns, Nick believes the key is to stay plugged in, and to use what’s in the news to the client’s benefit. He pays close attention to what’s going on in the news cycle and constantly thinks about how to translate timely news hooks into opportunities for improving his client’s media exposure. Nick is also responsible for identifying organizations that may be well served by The Hubbell Group’s service offerings, and works to establish meaningful new relationships with them.

Nick joined The Hubbell Group as a Media Research Analyst over ten years ago and rose to the title of Vice President, Managing Director. He guides and collaborates with clients in private aviation, financial services and healthcare, helping in the development and implementation of high-impact media strategies and materials. Nick also takes great satisfaction in the development of creative quotable-quotes for Hubbell Group clients.

Nick is a 2007 graduate of The Ohio State University and decided to pursue a career in public relations when he realized the field was a major driver of the news he enjoyed consuming each day.